Let Them Eat Baklava: FFL Interview with Maria Keffler

Here's the opening sample of Maria Keffler's Tribute to Food For Life.

“Oh my… what is in this?” I exclaimed as I slipped into my impatiently salivating mouth another dripping forkful of creamy macaroni and cheese.
My dining companion accused me of being with child, because only pregnant women savor their food with that degree of passionate abandon.
“This stuff is amazing.” I tried a nibble of the sautéed kale with chow-chow. Tender, yet crisp, seasoned to the lightly salted edge of a peppery spiciness, the piquant greens drew up a puckering “Hallelujah!” inside my cheeks.

Read the rest of the story on Maria's blog, Wasting My Education.  Maria is a long-time Food For Life supporter and author.