Important news from Food For Life

Food For Life is excited to announce that, as of March 1, 2016, we are now fiscally sponsored by the DC Social Innovation Project (DCSIP).

In our journey toward organziational independence, Food For Life recently registered as a separate DC nonpofit corporation. (Celebrate!!) While Food For Life is now an independent non-profit corporation, we are in the process of filing for our 501c3 tax-exempt status. The Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Law Clinic of Georgetown University is providing pro-bono assistance in this filing process.

Until we receive our tax-exempt status, donations to Food For Life can be made through DCSIP, who will oversee our financials and ensure that all funds are being spent according to "charitbale and educational purposes." 

Food For Life had been fiscally sponsored by Care Company, a local nonprofit that served as our organizational umbrella as Food For Life developed its program capacity and track record. Without Care Company's structural support, Food For Life would not have been possible. 

Thank you to Care Company for the past several years of getting us started and helping us grow! Thank you to Georgetown Law Clinic and DCSIP for getting us to the finsih line!