Welcome New FFL Staff!

Please welcome Tashawn Jackson as Food For Life’s new Program Assistant!

Tashawn first participated in Food For Life through the 2013 DC Summer Youth Employment Program and now returns to Food For Life through DC Career Connections. 

Tashawn is from SouthEast DC and first joined Food For Life in June 2013 through the DC Summer Youth Employment Program (a six-week employment program for DC youth ages 14-24). Since he completed the program, he has continued to connect with Food For Life through catering and summer culinary classes. In his new position as Project Assistant, Tashawn hopes to bring new insight and perspective along with a passion to help DC'S youth succeed. He also wants to bring a different level of understanding to the program since he's been where the incoming traininees will be. Tashawn graduated from Phelps ACE High School and later transitioned into The George Washington University.

In his spare time, Tashawn is a Music Producer, focusing on the overall artistry of music, integrating faith, and music, and human development. He's currently part of a Christian collective entitled The F.A.M. (Faith and Music), which initially connected through God and music and offically formed in 2015.