Welcome to FFL's New Chef Instructor

After a long search for our Chef/Culinary Instructor position, Food For Life (FFL) is excited to welcome Chef Karida Celestine to our team! She comes to FFL with more than 10 years' experience in the culinary industry, which included serving as Executive Chef at Union Station's historic B. Smith's as well as starting Sweet Bazil, a personal cheffing and catering company.

How did you get your relationship started with food?
For me, food runs in the family blood. I can remember all the different cooking equipment that my father would bring in the house! The day he brought in a wok to cook us an Asian dinner was so exciting for me as a child. My great-grandfather was an Executive Chef, along with other family members of chefs, sous chefs and more. When I was younger, I loved helping in the kitchen with meals and recipes, and my passion just grew stronger.   

How would you describe your cooking and teaching style? 
I cook with love, intention, and presentation. People eat with their eyes first so its really important to make "sexy" plates. Teaching wise, I like to break it down so it's easy to understand. I teach so it's not just fun....you walk away enlightened and no longer doubtful of your skills.  I aim for the serious fun where the students can crack jokes yet stay focused and execute each dish in a timely manner.

Why are you excited to teach the FFL students?
I'm excited to teach them because I'm eager to see them grow, teach them to put out a product, and also to have fun doing so. It's easy to do it yourself, but can you share what you know and teach them to do what you've done? I love to help those who show interest and want to get to another level, and the students who applied and went through the application process are showing that they want to grow!