As we move through our sessions, students as well as customers say great things. From learning experiences to comments on dinners, we get wonderful feedback. See below a few things that have been said!


  • Delicious! I loved the chicken and waffles. The girl (Felicia) who waited over our table was lovely and so polite
  • Absolutely delicious! Keep up the great work. Very proud of you all.
  • You did a great job juggling the different items on the menu, the service and everything. Awesome
  • The potato bake guy (Demetrius) is a beast! Everything was beautifully presented! Keep up the great work!


  • I love everything about Food For Life!-Felicia Jackson, FFL Spring 2016 Student
  • Cooking from scratch meals daily for customers-Demetrius Agnew, FFL Spring 2016 Student
  • My motivation came from me wanting to become become a better cook and having a catering business one day- Alonte Mitchell, FFL Spring 2016 Student
  • One thing I’ll remember from the kitchen is working as a team, always having fun in the kitchen, serving our customers and coming everyday 3 days a week- Nigel Webber, FFL Spring 2016 Student


  • "I was at work Monday and I showed [my coworkers] FFL's instagram. My manager asked me if I wanted to get paid to be a cook for the day since they were short on staff. People began to walk past and said the pizza smelled and tasted better than usual because I was on it. Even my manager noticed the difference. My manager said she'd put in word for my promotion. Soon enough, as I went to put in my slip for pay, HR asked me if I wanted to be a cook full time. Because of being in FFL and the skills I learned here, I got the promotion." -Lionell Ben, FFL Spring 2016 Student